25/05/24 - Saturday
You would think this would be simple 28

I have tried this before with no luck. No one keeps time or shows up. Or one will show up( and of course they have fun). Do not reply unless, there are a group of you that maybe work together or are off today and are all friends, and at least two of you be really big. Like really big. Take me outside of my car,98th st, your house if you can. But no games. I'm 28, small, can handle anything ( even though it never comes) very good looking. And I'm gonna be straight up. Either be able to meet, send a pic of you and or friends and prove how big. Or no response what so ever. Now read again. And that's right read again. Some of you know me and know I'm very real. I just never thought something that sounds so easy like ( a group of guys at ajob site, oh look a hot chick like me, let's bang her out) but nope, never. Guys are all talk