29/05/23 - Monday
Sweet dreams ;) 24

I love sucking a guy who'sasleep. Quietly I position myself between his thighs, putting his soft cock in my mouth, feeling it begin to grow, the head slowly filling with blood, throbbing, inching down my throat. If I place pressure with my lips and suck just right I can find the sweet spot on his shaft that makes it thicken, responding to my mouth. I love the power. The taste of precum oozing fromthe head drives me wild, compelling me to finger my wet pussy, sucking harder in earnest. This is when the guy usually wakes up, putting his hand on the back of my head, guiding it toward his crotch as his cock slides down my throat. I like it when he takes charge and gets a little rough, gently but forcefully fucking my throat, making my eyes water. I gag a bit but I love it, getting more excited, rubbing my clit harder and harder. He knows that I'm a dirty girl, I deserve this. My mouth is for his pleasure alone, to use however he wants, knowing that I'm really just a hungry hole aching to be filled. As he nears his orgasm his cock thickens even more, expanding the walls of my throat, then he pumps load after hot sweet load into me, coating my throat, filling my mouth. Savoring the last drops of cum I lay my head on his thigh, his cock still in my mouth, and drift off into peaceful slumber.