29/05/23 - Monday
Mmf fantasy 29

Had an mmf experience oncebefore, little while ago, and found myself thinking of it today - was fun & definitely left me satisfied. So'' if you anda cool, open minded friend want to hang out with me tonight, let'smake it happen. I can host. Preference would be college age toaround my age, but I am open to older as well.I'm more into it if you 2 are already friends, or at least know each other from taking classes together, or have mutual friends or something. If you have a guy in mind, but haven't met him/just talked online, I'd like to talk/text with him beforehand too, etc. Hope that's nottoo crazy of a request - I posted about this previously (without finding amatch) and the responses were from guys who knew of another guy that'd be down, but had only ever chatted online with him and they'd never seen pictures of him'. ?That being said'. I'd be way into us all 3 meeting for the first time, but I'd definitely prefer to talk to both of you if that's the case, one on one.Or.. I would be way into you guys being friends, and maybe haven't done anything like this before' Of course, picture exchange is a given :) I'm really not super picky or anything, just want a successful night :)Send me a message, if you're interested, with your picture & I'll return the favor :) let me know what you're thinking! Thanks!