21/02/24 - Wednesday
Sleeve fantasy 26

I have had this one fantasy play in my head for so long now and I'm dying to try it with someone. I'm not typically a size queen but when I first saw a video where the guy had a sleeve on it was a huge turn on for me. The way my fantasy plays out is I would meet a stranger either at their house or at a room and as soon as the door closes behind us they would scoop me up and carry me to the bed and then start taking each other's clothes off.Once we both got each other excited and ready to go they would spread my legs apart and pin them down nice and snug so i couldn't escape their grip.Now he would lower himself to slowly start entering me. Taking his time stretching me around him going deeper and deeper with each thrust. Making sure they are talking me through it because we aren't gonna stop until I take it all. And it doesn't matter how loud I get or say or if I say enough it's no longer up to me. Finally when I'm taking you all in the speed will pick up until I finish by getting us both all wet and I can't move even after you let me go. Then we will both get dressed and part ways with nothing more then a kiss good bye If anyone has experience with already using a sleeve on someone or already has one to use hit me up so we can set something up ASAPOne last thing I'm attached so only looking for NSA encounter or FWB situation and I'm unable to host so if that will be a problem then don't waste both our time. Thank you and can't wait to see if someone will finally fill my fantasy for me